Glennwood House 01.08.15

Glennwood House, opened in the Summer of 2013, is the first of its kind in Southern California. Located in Laguna Beach, it is a residential facility for 50 young adults with developmental disabilities - a community created for LIVE-WORK-PLAY.

Art classes take place throughout the month, and I was fortunate enough to be invited to host a weaving demonstration. The session included a communal station with two larger looms, as well as 15 individual frame looms for those residents interested in creating their own works of art. I also arrived with hand-dyed pieces of muslin to tear into ribbons, and recycled silk yarns from Nepal and India, to demonstrate the process of re-purposing materials. 

Patience and Perseverance | Joy and Playfulness: that was the immediate lesson learned from the residents of Glennwood.

Innovation happened on this evening. We worked together and "painted with fabric". It was a blessing. Our hearts are still so full...

Special THANK YOU to Sabra for approaching me at The Container Yard on 11.08.14 and extending this invitation. Your energy and dedication is unparalleled, and I appreciate our instant friendship. To the dynamic duo, Carla and Jeff for your warm smiles and support of this program and community. And to Jennifer for your textile and co-pilot skills, I could not have done this without your assistance. As always, so grateful to Dan Dupuis for your POV and talent behind the lens.

Images by Dan Dupuis: BASE jumper, skydiver, music and portrait photographer

Batik Jumpsuit and Belt by Wow Wow by Wunmi

Necklace by SOHANI